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MacBook Pro 15" Laptop Battery a1494- Black

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Give your laptop a new lease-on-life with a brand new MacBook Pro 15" A1494 battery. This Apple A1494 battery is compatible with the late 2013 Retina Models A1398, ME293, and ME294.This is the snap-in version of the battery made for 15" MacBook Pros made in late 2013 with the part number A1494. Make sure you have the correct battery by checking the battery itself and finding the part number (A1494). To check what year and model you have, go to the Apple icon on your desktop, select About This Mac > More Info > Overview.
Compatibility Note: Apple made two different MacBooks that share the A1398 model number. This SNAP-IN battery is only compatible with the Late 2013 MacBook Pro 15" Retina models A1398, ME293 and ME294. This is the snap-in version of the A1398 model. If your original battery DOES NOT snap-in, this battery will not work.


Model NO.: 
A1494Battery Type: Li-polymer
95WhrVoltage: 11.26V

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