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HP V223 21.5" 16:9 LCD Monitor (V5G70AA)

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The V194 21.5" 16:9 LCD Monitor from HP provides quality display features in a sleek, thin-profile monitor with a compact screen size for documents, emails, and much more. You can quickly and easily connect to your devices with VGA and DVI inputs.

General Features

  • Crisp, clear views of documents and e-mail with a 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • 5,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
  • 5 ms response time
  • 21.5" diagonal screen
  • Quick and easy connection to your devices with a VGA input
  • Attaches to your HP Desktop Mini, HP Chromebox, or select HP Thin Client directly behind the display for an integrated, affordable workspace that’s suitable for small spaces
  • Legacy compatibility with a VGA connector or DVI to connect to latest technology
  • Environment-friendly design
  • Reduces power consumption with an energy-efficient design that is ENERGY STAR certified and EPEAT Silver registered
  • Includes mercury-free display backlights and arsenic-free display glass
  • Customizable positioning with adjustable tilt settings and viewing angles


  • Anti-glare
  • Plug-and-play
  • User programmable
  • Language selection
  • On-screen controls
  • LED backlight

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